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DeepNude is an app that uses artificial intelligence to transform an image of any object to what it might look like naked.

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How To Use The DeepNude App?

The DeepNude app represents an amazing milestone in the history of this technology, making the creation of these deep fakes as easy as clicking a button. Now that the software has been released, it will continue to be shared and spread all over the web.

Get detailed information on how to download the DeepNude app on your devices by reading further. After downloading DeepNude, you can easily upload pictures and instantly reveal or turn the clothed picture to a naked one. The generic prompt DeepNude provides is, “Show behind the scene” but you can also design your own fake images. 
If you post the DeepFake pictures to your social medias, your friends can swipe up to anonymously leave a reaction to your image, even if they don’t have the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The DeepNude app is an app that uses latest artificial intelligence technology to make a proposed picture of a clothed human naked.

Yes the app will forever be free to use.

This image-to-image technology – generates new pictures from input photos or sketches, drawing upon on its training data to paint the scene.

Click on Open and browse to the picture in your gallery which you want to turn to a nude, then accept the terms and conditions.